Pork & Co, Canterbury

A hobby of mine is to read restaurant reviews while there is a lull at work. I don’t know if this can count as a hobby or just as me being a bad worker, but it happens. I was due to make a return to my parents’ house, so I looked up ‘best restaurants in Canterbury’ and up came Pork & Co (update 2016: now if you Google ‘best restaurants in Canterbury’ an article that I wrote is one of the top Google hits. Don’t believe everything you read online, kids.)

Pork & Co specialises in pulled pork which is very in vogue at the moment. The menu wasn’t huge, but if you want pork here’s the place to go.

FUN FACT! Their slogan is ‘Your Pleasure is Hand Pulled’, which is great, but sadly now only seems to appear on their t-shirts and twitter as the cathedral was not happy about this filth being out for all to see!

I went there with my friend and we decided to split a pork roll as the woman behind the counter was singing and we wanted to get some other food elsewhere: singing for some reason makes me kind of uncomfortable and, while I wanted to try the pulled pork, it wasn’t worth getting two rolls if the customer experience is in any way marred – it’s a tough life for the service industry.

It was £5 for a roll, and came with red cabbage, a choice of sauces and crackling. The pork wasn’t as sweet as some pulled pork is, but that’s no bad thing, and the sauce and cabbage complemented the meat well. The texture was good and the meat was nice and moist. It was a sloppy eat and, like all the best food, it made you feel ashamed of the way you looked while eating it.  The crackling was okay, I’m not the biggest fan of crackling but I can’t say no to additional food piled on at no extra cost. Even having half of the roll I was satisfactorily full before our quest for dessert.

Photo credit: ninegrandstudent.co.uk

I’m not 100% sure if Pork & Co deserves to be #1 on TripAdvisor for Canterbury as it has quite ‘simple’ food, albeit done very well, and there wasn’t really any room to eat in – we ate outside as it was a nice day. Additionally, as one person also pointed out on the reviews, there were a few flies around the place which is a bit of a turn off, although I’m glad I wasn’t turned off altogether and besides, people need to be exposed to these things to become stronger.

As a final note, my friend said the ‘meat curtains’ were appealing. He was referring to the metal chain curtain that you walk through on entry, but it’s sexier if you don’t know the full story.

(Update 2016: at the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival that probably has a more proper name which I can’t be bothered to Google, the line for Pork & Co’s wee stall was one of the longest in Dane John. Considering this is still a permanent store in Canterbury and most of the other vendors were out-of-towners, it either goes to show the enduring quality of Pork & Co or the unadventurous nature of Canterbreezians (their official name)).

Pork & Co: 7/10 – worth a visit. Good for you, Canterbury

18 Sun Street, Canterbury, CT1 2HX




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