Such A Kourtney

No blog with this header would be complete without a semi-regular Kardashian post! With the new season of the Kourtney and *Sister* Take The *Destination* series, in this case Kourtney and Khloé take the Hamptons currently airing, what better time is there for a new post?!

As always with my Kardashi-posts, I feel that it is important for me to state that I genuinely enjoy the Kardashian reality series. I’m largely impressed that they have managed to be this successful for this long, and find their shows mostly entertaining, with the ‘Takes..’ shows generally being better than the KUWTK series as it has less of Kris Jenner. Kourtney is my favourite as our personalities are quite similar, and you can see if you are a Kourtney too in this fun little Buzzfeed article (n.b. I feel way worse about recommending a Buzzfeed article than about writing about the Kardashians in any serious sense).

This time Kourtney, Scott and family take Khloé with them to the Hamptons for some reason. To get away from it all. Or for money. Who knows?!

Khloé has started dating French Montana which may or may not be for money. French Montana seems “fun” if not mildly vapid and annoying. Has Khloé moved on too fast? How will French feel about her saying that she wishes she was still married to Lamar? Khloé used to be the most popular Kardashian, but I’m not too sure if this would still be the case as over the years she’s become more annoying than sassy, which is a shame. Also, as with most of the Kardashians, a lot of things give her “serious anxiety.”

Kourtney and Scott are having problems again! Kourtney is pregnant with third child and Scott likes drinking. Scott takes sleeping pills and drinks and ends up in hospital then, later, rehab. I find the strangest of the Kardashian relationships is Scott and Khloés. As an only child I don’t really properly understand sibling relationships, but I would never get that close with my sister’s long-term boyfriend. And Khloé, you definitely took the wrong side.

Kourtney, though my favourite, has definitely taken a more dour turn this season. It’s not fun to be pregnant, I would expect, and it’s not fun to have a baby daddy with a drinking problem, but while I understand her attitude, for most I expect it would seem like she’s being a moody old bitch. Are they breaking up? Does she care? Who knows!

As with any reality show, authenticity is a real problem. This was filmed several months ago, so we know that Kourtney and Scott stay together, that Khloé and French break up then get back together, and that they’re altogether a well off family. Which reminds me of my favourite part of this season so far: Scott saying that rehab was too expensive having just bought a boat.

The relationships in the show really drive it, as on the surface they are not a very relatable family at all. I do not know what I would do if I was that rich or my life was so on show all the time. The beats are all there, but it’s hard to know how real it all is. I’m sure that Scott does have a drinking problem and Kourtney finds it hard to deal with, but just how real is it? They are being filmed the whole time and even after seven years they probably don’t give it all up for the camera. The storylines from episode to episode vary in quality (this is “reality” after all) and the episode where Khloé and Scott play tennis and Kourtney later locked them out of the house was clearly production-led and that’s disappointing. I am fully aware that this is not “good” television, but it doesn’t make it any less disappointing when it becomes straight up lazy television.

As with the most recent season of KUWTK, the cosmetic work that Khloé, Kim and Kylie have had is very distracting and sad. Kourtney has had a boob job but I’m not sure if/what else she has had; she definitely looks more natural than the others (except Kendall who is the only one that Kourtney likes apparently). They are all attractive women and lip fillers make people look strange. I work in aesthetic medicine and of all the things, lip and facial fillers are the ones that jar with me the most as it makes people look not right. It’s hard to take people seriously who have had so much work done, just as I am sure it is hard to take me seriously for having written this article.

This is just for Kardashi-fans, those who like reality TV, or those who really like to watch a dysfunctional relationship and feel sorry for the poor, sweet children.


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