Green Screen Vacation

I often like to pretend that I am good at a number of things, and this month’s in vogue hobby/area of expertise is photography. I have a camera. In fact, I have three, if you count a phone camera and an 8MP digital camera from c. 2009 as “camera cameras”, as well as my trusty DSLR which makes me look fancy and knowledgeable to people who know nothing about cameras, but like a poseur to those who ask me about my kit (a single 14-42mm lens that came with the camera body) and try and have an intelligent discussion about lenses and what not with me.

I’m a point and shoot photographer, à la my photography hero Bill Cunningham, but every now and then I see a technique that I like the look of. More often than not it’s a gauche technique, and this month’s is no different. From photographer Christopher McMahon, boyfriend of Dreama Walker who is one of my current favourite working TV actresses (that sounds moderately cutting. She has also been in film), comes what I’ll call the “Green Screen Vacation” effect.

I have no idea how he does it, but he has made most of his pictures look like they were taken using a green screen then edited in post, when they were actually taken on location. Fascinating. Full websites can be found here and here and choice pictures are featured below.

Good stuff.





Green Screen Engagement

Truth be told, I haven’t attempted to figure out how this effect is achieved, but if anyone knows please find me and tell me and maybe one day I can take a picture of you in situ looking like we could afford to do a green screen shoot, just like the time I was in Florida and inexplicably had a t-shirt made with myself an Eminem with me doing a Spiderman pose. Pics or it didn’t happen? I burned the pics.


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