‘I Love Lucy And Bekka’: More Laughs From Golden Globe Winner Gina Rodriguez

… and also starring Kristolyn Lloyd.

If you have a spare 20 minutes, I highly recommend watching the web series I Love Lucy & Bekka in its entirety. Contrary to my writing style, I’m actually a big fan of brevity. Most first season episodes weigh in at around one and a half to two minutes, with the longest episode at 3:11.

And worth every second!

ILL&B is written by NBC Universal’s Emerging Writer’s Fellowship finalist Rachael Holder and centres on best friends/roommates Lucy and Bekka, played by Lloyd and Rodriguez respectively.

The episodes are low key and do a good job of having a simple idea, executing the joke and getting out. In this sense, it is definitely a comedy for the internet generation’s ever shortening attention spans.

For example:

“You know when you love a baby, a small child who is being so cute, you just want to throw him into traffic?”

As a girl in my early 20s living with one other roommate, maybe it’s particularly appealing to me as I am pretty much its target demographic. Most of the conversations that Lucy and Bekka have are things that most of us have probably said or heard at one time or another, but everyone loves a bit of relatability.

The series opens with Bekka chatting to Lucy while she’s on the toilet. Girlfriends! Later in the series, Bekka casually walks in on Lucy’s boyfriend on the toilet. Toilet budz!

Sure, not everything worked for me, and as each episode mostly hangs on one key joke, some episodes (“Lemonade“) are kind of duds, but the highlights definitely outweigh the lowlights.

If you only have 5 minutes, I recommend “RIP Tommy“, “Porn” and “Crying“.

With Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez (that’s her full name now) as the star, you can bank on the performances being good. Because the writing and much of the humour comes from very low key things, the performances have to be strong to sell it – which all three actors do.

Whether GGW Gina Rodriguez deserved to win for Best Actress in a Comedy (it should have been Lisa Kudrow) or not for Jane The Virgin, she is still undeniably a great actress, and it’s nice to see her getting the opportunity to do some straight comedy rather than a role that I would say is more dramatic with comedic elements.

The series ends with Lucy moving out, possibly with her boyfriend who featured in the preceding two episodes. I presume this, combined with Rodriguez’ schedule, probably means the end for I Love Lucy & Bekka.

It was fun while it lasted, but I don’t for the life of me know why they released all of the episodes on the same day -especially when there is a story arc in the last three episodes.

Some final notes: I’m a big fan of the costume and production design; the quality of the sound seemed to vary from episode to episode; and there’s a continuity error in episode four (comment with the answer below for a gold star).


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