#FatFriday / Search for the Perfect Pizza: ECCo (Express Coffee Co)

This was the first Fat Friday. There are few better ways to spend Fat Friday than with a full pizza outside in September. Having moved down to London from Manchester, I am still positively impressed by the weather here. I have so many outdoor lunches and today, in November, I went on a 9 mile walk in a light jacket. I think it has been unseasonably warm this Autumn.

This pizza place tip-off came from my flatmate, and friend from school, who we’ll call Alex. He works just around the corner and said that two people that are sleeping together at work said that they got food poisoning from ECCo, but everyone at the office knew that they were just faking so that they could carry on their liaisons. Drama!

I have a one hour lunch break. According to Google Maps, ECCo is an 18 minute walk away from my work. Factor in the time it takes to make a pizza and the time it takes to eat a pizza, and I would be having a very rushed lunch.


This Fat Friday, like the last one that I wrote about, was celebrated with Hans. To hell with you Alex.

It’s not much to look at from the outside (though I do like the green. It’s cheerful, or something), or from the inside, but with most pizzas to take out for under £5, we weren’t going to judge the decor. In fact, I like places with decor that’s not much to talk about as I generally like unfashionable things and people. There were tables and chairs, a burrito counter, and the pizza counter.

I went for the ECCo Special – artichokes, parma ham, olives – and Hans went for the Pepperoni, like the basic bitch that he is.

Here’s a menu:


They messed up the order of the guy in front of us so Hans got his Pepperoni very quickly. We then had a nice chat while we waited for my Special.

The guy in front had a very quick pizza made.

Another customer came in and had a burrito. They do burritos too. £5. Who knows how much to trust a pizza place that is called a coffee company with burritos, but people sure do love burritos.

My pizza came. It smelled awesome. In fact, the whole cafe smelled awesome. Pizza: gotta love it. The ham on my pizza just came as whole rashers. As I would be eating outside, I asked if they could cut it. He said that it would be sticky on the wheel so he couldn’t. £4.50 doesn’t buy you a wheel wash.

We skipped down to Lincoln’s Inn, which I would highly recommend as a lunch park on a sunny day.

We opened our pizza boxes.

A guy came over.

“Where did you get those?”


“Is that near here?”

“On Drury Lane.”



“Where’s that?”

“Down there and round.”

“I’ll definitely check it out.”


“What was it called again?”



I doubt that tourist ever got to ECCo. And more fool him, because there are few things greater than lunch hour pizza.


I have a very appealing shadow.

As you can see, they were quite sloppy pizzas and could have dne with a little longer in the oven. They weren’t lovingly put together, but, hey, £4.50 pizza.

I could have lain in the sun for the rest of the afternoon, but, alas, duty called. I ran down High Holborn, which wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do full on pizza and in a pencil skirt.

At the office, someone brought baklava from Syria, Percy Pigs, Colin the Caterpillar, and some Latvian chocolates.

Fat Friday, indeed.

ECCo: 7.5/10 – the best pizza for under £5 in London. Could cut the ham though.

186 Drury Lane, WC2B 5RU. Though I have since realised that it seems to be a chain, with other branches spotted on Lower Marsh and near Victoria.


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