A Vague Journey Through Burgers: Five Guys


On my first day at work at my new job I arranged to meet Hans and Maude after work. First day burgers seem to be somewhat of a trend. Only somewhat, mind you, as it has only happened twice. Trends have to start somewhere.

Hans suggested that we meet in Covent Garden, that hip, underground place. I went to Covent Garden on my lunch today as Hans needed to go to the Apple Store. Not knowing where the Apple Store was, I somehow managed to hone in on it almost instantaneously. Big old Apple Store. Retrofitted very nicely.

I needed to pick up some clothes from Uni Qlo so met them at Be At One (that hip, underground bar) half an hour later. It was happy hour and they already had a buzz on.

They were undecided about restaurants and left it to me, the newbie in the city, to decided. As a newbie in the city, I chose Five Guys.

The Review

I’ve heard hype about Five Guys from about five different guys (two people). There are apparently a lot of Cokes to try. Cokes are where your choices are, as the menu is limited to hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger, bacon cheeseburger, little options of each, some hot dogs, sandwiches (for the weak), five guys fries, and cajun fries.

I went for the cheeseburger and the five guys fries to share with Maude. Hans went for the cajun fries and didn’t much like them so I had quite a bit of them. They have a bit of spice and are not unlike Nando’s peri chips.

The decor was fast food fifties diner. There were quotes across the walls about how good Five Guys is. We’re there, Five Guys, we’re eating, we can decide. I suppose they can’t really advertise in a Byron or whatever, but it is wasted wall space.


Not my picture. A generously sized burger a la foil. Chips in cups, how rustic.

We commented the the burgers were like a really good McDonalds; what we expect McDonalds used to be like before their burgers tasted of cardboard and guilt. And yes, the Five Guys burgers are enjoyable, but only as enjoyable as a fast food burger could be.

As for the Cokes, the only Coke that Hans liked was Diet. So many flavours, so many empty sugar calories.

For those in a hurry. 


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