A Vague Journey Through Burgers: Bleecker Street Burger

I completely misjudged my evening plans. “Winter Wonderland” was suggested. I thought that this meant the Christmas stuff around Southbank, but what it actually meant was the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

So I suggested that we go to Bleecker Street Burger, which I have been keen to try for a while now (two weeks is quite a while in today’s fast-paced society. It has topped a number of “Best Of” lists, and also came recommended by someone who had never tried it. I wanted to check their clairvoyance). Consequently we were very late to Winter Wonderland and only got to go on the ferris wheel, wasting a load of tickets. Alas.

The Southbank “restaurant” is simply a van on the riverside with two picnic tables for seating.


Not my picture. Picnic tables not pictured. Is this even the correct location? Who knows.

The menu, as with most good burger places, is quite limited. Take a look for yourself:


Paul ordered the bacon cheeseburger. I asked what the Bleecker Black was (it didn’t have the description on the side of the van) and they told me, while also up-selling like an American (it’s late, I can’t simile well) saying that it won an award. He then tried to up-sell on the drinks, but we stayed soft.

They asked how well we wanted our burgers cooked: medium rare is the default, and who are we to argue.

I like trying new things. I was excited.

We were told that we were next to be served. We could see that, being that there was no-one else around and all.

Our chips were called as ready. Our burgers were not. They probably could have waited with the chips.

The burgers came.


I looked at it and felt that it was quite small, though looking at the picture now I see that itw as indeed two patties with a black pudding in the middle. Quite a bit of meat there, greedy Sophia. #FatFriday. Paul’s bacon cheeseburger had the top off for some reason; mine was cut in half, I presume to show that it was big.

The Bleecker Black was the tastier of the two; it had a richer flavour, and the size of it made for a more satisfying bite. There were a few stray onions that were probably unnecessary, and the cheese was surplus to requirements but did give some added moisture.

The chips were standard, and, being outdoors in the first real wintery day of the year, went cold quite quickly.

The skaters opposite had a fight with fire extinguishers. Where did they get them from? Did they go out and buy fire extinguishers? Is there an office block somewhere at risk of burning to the ground because their extinguishers have been stolen?

I enjoy sitting on the South Bank watching people. It was quite cold this evening, so I expect it would be moreso on a warmer day.

It pains me to say,  I was wholly expecting to be won over, that Bleecker Street Burger is overhyped. Maybe I have become accustomed to the finer things in life (brioche buns), but it didn’t leave me speechless, or really much of anything.

A queue formed after us.

We left.

6.5/10 – Tender meat, the black pudding made for a rich eat, but I don’t see why this tops so many lists. Dirty Burger still reigns supreme.


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