Fancy Eating with Madre: Kaspar’s at The Savoy

This was a new job congratulations for me, booked many months before I actually had got my new job. Sometimes timing works out well.

Mother got this as a Bookatable. She likes Bookatable. And Wowcher. And Groupon. Previously we have got these vouchers for the Waldorf (afternoon tea for my graduation. Live music and a “congratulations” brownie. Very nice), Simpsons-in-the-Strand (for a different graduation. Some of the tastiest British food I have ever tried), Cafe Murano (for a new job two years ago. Loud, friendly staff, nice food for my less-refined palate), L’Autre Pied (for my birthday. My first Michelin, and, to date, only, Michelin taster menu. There were many depths of flavours, and I was surprised that I was full at the end of it all. I particularly enjoyed the table next to us who were having the wine pairing menu and got increasingly drunk – a glass of wine for each measly course – as the sommelier smugly corrected their wine guesses) and an afternoon tea off Hyde Park (excruciatingly hot in a conservatory during the Olympics, decidedly average afternoon tea). So, based on past experiences, I was looking forward to dinner.

I was late. Mother commented that I needed new shoes and asked what was wrong with my knee.

We were seated.

Walking through the Savoy is quite grand. Cameras were out in full force. The staff didn’t seem to mind. I suppose this is where a lot of their trade comes from, and why judge people for having a good time and wanting to treasure that when they are bringing in money.

Kaspar’s is at the far end. It was surprisingly light compared to the main entrance foyer, and I would say had the nicest decor of all the Savoytaurants.

We were seated by the window, overlooking the Thames. The northbank of the Thames is the lesser of the two banks. Still, water is a nice viewpoint.

The seafood was fresh and well cooked and seasoned, showing that expensive specialist seafood restaurants sure do know how to cook their seafood.

The meal came with champagne, which Pierre found expensive and unnecessary. Regardless, it was tasty. The staff were very nice, and were even happy to take a picture of us all at Mother’s behest.

The bread was good. It was all good in fact.

We spoke about pollution and my new job. I thought about how my accent was already changing having moved from Manchester to London just two weeks ago. It was the August bank holiday weekend and I was looking forward to going back to Canterbury, where I would continue to eat myself into oblivion.

Of all the Groupon/Wowcher/Bookatables, Kaspar’s is one of the better ones. That’s grouping it unfairly. It is some of the best seafood I have ever tried. Though evidently wasn’t filling enough, as I then went to my grandad’s and ate two bowls of Chinese soup. There was a walk in the rain in the meantime so I suppose I made some room and deserved the extra food. I then had dinner later as well. That was overboard.


My first flowers on a plate experience. Delicate. Light. A good starter.


Mother tried the steak for a main to be different but wished she went for the sea bass. The fish did beat the meat.


A surprising amount of flavour was got out of the summer berries and sorbet, and an impressive array of berries. Palate cleansing goodness.


Slightly heavier pastry, but still palate cleansing. And it was light, crisp pastry.


The main, slowly winning me around to celeriac. The broth was phenomenal.


The starter. Maybe this was sous-vide. Cucumber done right.

9/10 – sometimes I have expensive taste.

Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill, The Savoy, Strand, London WC2R 0EU



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