Films of the Year (Without Actually Listing My Favourite Films)

It’s that time of year again when everyone’s writing lists! For 2016 I will endeavor to make brevity a more normal practice for me. In that spirit, here are some of my films of the year (but not my actual favourite ones, which will come more in my usual longform writing) with a mini review that says nothing and everything (mostly nothing). Pictures are included. Here we go, in no particular order:



A film about drumming. Edge of the seat stuff. Should have won the Oscar. I have argued with several people that this is a 2014 film. While I’m being a hypocrite, Under The Skin was my favourite 2014 film that I watched in 2015 and Boyhood was okay, if not overlong, and the script of Birdman was better than the film itself. Listen Up Phillip was okay, but again a 2014 film. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more were I not vacuuming while watching it.

Inside Out


Pixar has done it again! The audio and visual was out of sync for the whole duration of watching but I still immensely enjoyed it and welled up. My friend who has no soul cried. It is beautiful and insightful and frightfully intelligent.

It Follows


If life is fair, it will win all of the awards for best cinematography as it is one of the most masterfully shot and well-crafted films that I have ever seen. Like the terrible viewing companion I am, I commented over and over again how well shot it is. The person I watched it with said that the scene in the school (the 360 shot) made him want to be a cinematographer again (alas, money is money is all that money). A horror that is so good I spent half an hour googling it afterwards to figure out what I had just watched.



The last film of the great Albert Maysles. Like Grey Gardens before it, it showcases the life of a wonderful old kook. She’s cropped up in other fashion films that I have watched so it has nice to learn more about the lady herself.

The Wrecking Crew


O! How I love having Netflix back. And watching documentaries about music before I was alive, so I can dream that I was born in another time before quickly remembering that wifi and disposable time and money are wonderful things. Who knew that so few bands played their own instruments? Most people. Okay. Well who knew that one studio band was as prolific as The Wrecking Crew. Not me, at least.


Palio of Siena

Thanks to Shortlist film club I managed to watch this for free. It was the first time I went to the cinema alone. I ate too much sugar before going (like the child that I am) and ended up feeling a bit nauseous. Regardless, it was very well shot for a documentary, and unfolded like a drama. It’s a horse race, but one that shows how seemingly corrupt the whole city of Siena is. One of my top 3 sport documentary picks. I also got a free Stella Artois glass.



The final third certainly was, but that doesn’t stop the first two thirds from generating some of the biggest laughs that I have ever heard come from a cinema audience.

Films That I Haven’t Watched (But Probably Should Have)

Mad Max: Fury Road, Amy, Carol, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spectre, Tangerine, Sicario, The Martian, The Look of Silence, Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict.

Thankfully, a film’s lifetime is not finite and I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to undo my wrongs in the future.

Additional Mention:

A Very Murray Christmas


Amy Poehler has had a busy year. And I have had a moderately busy year watching three whole Sofia Coppola films: Marie Antoinette, The Bling Ring and now A Very Murray Christmas. I enjoyed them all, but feel that I like the idea of her films more than I actually like them and as a result kid myself into thinking that I like them more than I do. Jolly holidays.

So there we have it. A good year for film? We are all entitled to our opinions.


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