Treviso: The Romantic Holiday Begins

When  gong to Venice, you will most likely land in Treviso. I urge you to take three hours out of your trip to pay this little town a visit. Land on a Sunday for the full market experience. I can’t speak for the rest of the week.

A river runs through it, but it can hardly compete with Venice. At its core it is still an old town, but it is slowly being impinged upon by those blasted modern buildings to accommodate our blasted modern ways of living.


Even in the more provincial towns, Italians are a stylish folk. I fall in love fifty times a day in Italy. It is fabulous.


It does not have the best Duomo in Italy, but on Sundays the area is still the beating heart of the town.


But this may be because of the market which takes over much of the town and culminates in a large spread in the piazza outside. Christmas music was piped through the town. The sight of stalls crowded by families out on their Sunday outing, music from Christmas past, and the spicy smells of seasonal treats made me feel Christmassy for the first time that year and lonely as a result; Christmas is for family.



Italians are a curious and appreciative people. I have never felt rushed in Italy, which makes it all the greater shame that it is a country where I have most rushed. “Live like the locals”, my mother tells me. “But there is so much to see!” I reply, guidebook in hand, trainers tied tight.



The streets are made for wandering. The textures of the buildings are to be admired. Unfortunately it is over all too soon, with three hours enough time for me to wander around Treviso in its entirety.


But its people are where the story of Treviso is made. Children play, parents look lovingly at their children’s enjoyment – even in the near desolate funfair, a common occurrence in Europe – and laughter and gossip echo through the streets.





It makes us lone souls stand out even more.



The train to Venice is quick. After the glorious sunshine of Treviso, the fog is quite a hit. I am pumped (fist pump jump jump, Jersey Shore baybeee!) for my pre-Christmas solo romantic holiday.


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