Verona: The Romantic Holiday Continues

Verona is a worthwhile day trip. It cost less than €20 return and took 1.5 hours each way. When in Venice..get the train to Verona.

The train was smooth but I was not. I got lost on arrival. It would be easy to blame the unappealing entrance sequence, but I have grown to learn that my sense of direction is very much magnetic south..

The arrival sequence to most cities is more unappealing than they should be. Train stations, bus stations and coach stations – and especially airports – often have to be positioned in an area that is slightly out of the way of the city’s main beauty, so that the engineering and what not can be accommodated, but still close enough to make it convenient. As a result, most entrances come from a formal industrial zone. Treviso had a much nicer arrival sequence than Verona, though still not perfect. And, of course, Venice, with its waterways and bridges, bucks the trend.

An understated gate and some pesky vehicles, Verona

An understated gate and some pesky vehicles, Verona

I walked and walked and walked as I do, do, do, do do. The area around the river (Adige) was my favourite part. Humans love water. Water and the sun.

Get some! Even walls can be sexy

Love is all around us. Young and old, big and small, passion always prevails.


The melding of old and new in the Castelvecchio is one of the great beauties of modern and medieval architecture. It was the Castelvecchio which drew me to Verona initially, and the building and surrounding fort and river made my trip more than worthwhile (and verified my decision to choose Verona over Palladio country).


A man in a car saw me taking this picture, honked his horn and told me in broken English that is a beautiful church. I agreed, and commented that it is a shame that it was closed. He laughed and drove off. Some schoolchildren whispered “Chinese” behind me I shot them a glance, they laughed and ran.

I got a gelato (the sole gelato on my trip, in a feat of self-control and miserliness) from a gelateria that had been around since the 40s, and it changed my life. Maybe I was just hungry. Sometimes all you need in life is a gelato and everything is beautiful, a lesson that I would go on to apply to my everyday existence.

Verona and the life-affirming gelato

Verona and the life-affirming gelato

This is Shakespeare country, but people don’t appreciate the bard like they used to. Verona must be full of pilgrims of literature, where many other Italian cities are full of pilgrims in the more traditional sense. Pilgrims of love, too, were evidently around.


Nothing brings cheer to the soul quite like Christmas (and a fogless day). Nothing makes you feel small and young quite like history (or the universe), and in this case Roman remains. Things aren’t built to last anymore, or so they say. In 2000 years archaeologists will surely be talking about the majesty of concrete and glass, or maybe corrugated iron will show its worth after all.


My day out of the fog, giving me new perspectives on life and love.


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