Television, 2015

This was the year that I was most invested in television in my life. Or the first 8 months of it were. The 2015/16 season looks to have had my interest drop sharply off.

2015 was the year that was mostly spent without a TV licenseand when I realised that I disliked most of what is on “regular” TV. With thanks to Netflix and other wholly legal means, I have maintained a steady diet of US TV shows.

This has also been the first year that I have done real television reviewing. Long, long reviews, as detailed earlier in this blog.

Here is what I’ve been watching. In a vague order of memory:

Broad City

Broad City

The best comedy on television right now. Possibly the best show on television, but that’s maybe too bold a claim. Masterful.

The Comeback


Some find this an uncomfortable watch. Some should get themselves together. Lisa Kudrow should have won all of the awards. Worth the 8 year wait (or 2 years since I found out about it). I wanna see that!

Orange Is The New Black


“I wonder when I’ll have time to watch all 13 episodes of season 3?” I thought as I looked ahead at my full weekend. It turns out, that very weekend. It’s amazing how much free time you can muster up. I watched the Chang episode without subtitles and have no idea what it was about at all. No Jason Biggs!

Master of None


The show that most exceeded my expectations. Aziz Ansari is far more than Tom Haverford. I used to find him annoying but now I think he may be a semi-genius. I watched this while I had food poisoning. It is a good show to watch with food poisoning.



A show that I’m sure Master of None took a lot of influence from. Back to its more comedic roots after a darker season 4, but still serious. I hope the Louis CK pervert rumours aren’t true.

Another Period


Comedy Central really is doing a lot of good stuff right now. A show that I feel I could have written, but don’t let that make you think that it is no good. Parody du jour, or of the past.

Fresh Off The Boat


Very variable episodes, but it’s refreshing to see Asian American leads and always a pleasure to have a Nahnatchka Khan show on the air. Every time I think that I’m going to give up, something else draws me in.



I came for Kirsten Dunst and stayed for everything else. Funny, dramatic, ridiculous, serious, who knows what the ending was. Brilliant. Filmic. Yes. I could happily watch each of the characters forever and always. Oh yah.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Another show that exceeded my expectation. I have never watched 30 Rock but probably should, as every 30 Rock fan says that 30 Rock is by far an away the better of the two. But does it have Jon Hamm? It does? For 2016. I watched Kimmy in a weekend. Delightful. Heroin, pinot noir and Xanthippe.

Mad Men

John Slattery as Roger Sterling and Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olso


Peggy Olson: hero

I didn’t enjoy the ending, or, to be specific, the final scene (Coke song). Otherwise this is the most that I’ve enjoyed Mad Men for a few years and it has surely cemented its place as prestige television. Hopefully awards will come.

Jessica Jones


For Krysten Ritter. One of my friends said that it was too unnecessarily dark for them. It has a lull in the middle, but is the best (read: only) superhero show that I’ve watched.

The Last Man on Earth


Only odd episodes, particularly the first and last of each season. An interesting concept with wildly variable results. How much do I like Will Forte? TBD. His beard is rather off-putting, that I can say for sure.

Better Call Saul


Not Breaking Bad, but not too bad either. Overhyped. Enjoyable enough.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation - Season 7

RIP. A fitting ending for one of the most likeable shows on television.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Beat the sophomore slump. Another show that Mike Schur has had a hand in and where the whole cast is freakishly likeable. Fun. And the Jake and Amy thing is fine, with the characters developing enough after 3 seasons to make it work.

American Dad!


Its TBS showing feels sub-par to Fox, but that may be because it’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

Grey’s Anatomy


Derek’s death prompted my most emotional reaction to any television show ever. I took a day off to grieve. I have stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy. 


Mumblecore blah that was fine at best. The Duplass Brothers have done better.

Jane The Virgin

I loved this so much that I had to stop myself from watching the second season as time is limited and I am quite compulsive. Soapy ridiculousness at its best. Maybe I’ll catch up over summer.


A middling season. I think I may be one of the few to have preferred Archer Vice.


Another RIP. I hope that both Judy Greer and Nat Faxon get more good work, and soon. Heartbreakingly real, with laughs to boot.

Masterchef: The Professionals


Because I don’t solely watch scripted stuff. Quite the obsession for me. Predicted the winner yet again. Buh bam!

I should also probably watch Transparent. No freshmen shows from fall have grabbed me.

This year has also been the year that I finally gave up Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It was only in September that I did this, so there is still opportunity for relapse. But it really is just dreadful, and apparently Kourtney, who I previously thought was somewhat of a soul twin, is dating Justin Bieber. In Memoriam.

For someone that thought I was cutting down on TV, I sure do watch a hell of a lot of TV.

Onto the next year!




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