Search For The Perfect Pizza: NY Fold

Social media marketing sometimes works, guys!

NY Fold followed me on Twitter, I guess following all the people that had started following other pizza places (a moment of madness and desire which I have since undone). I looked at the website and decided that it warranted a visit.

The vast majority, in fact, possibly all, of the pizza places that I have visited in London on my quest thus far have been Italian-style pizzas. I do love me a good NY-style pizza, and I was becoming quite tired with the Italian style as really there is very little to choose between them. Sourdough for some, crispier for others. All thin, all fine.

NY Fold’s “famous” pizza is the award winning Pitt Master. That was sold out. I asked the host what he would recommend. Hans had said that The Butcher Shoppe looked good, but I like to hear the expert’s opinion.

“The Butcher Shoppe. When I first tried it, I wanted to cry with happiness.”

2/2 meant that I ordered The Butcher Shoppe.

The host said that we could sit while we waited. Stools and tables were high, as was my anticipation level. The full pizzas are 20″ and decadent, and their slices still looked to be the latter part of that acclamation.

Their placemats advertised a prize where you could win a dinner for 8. If only I knew 7 other people.

The pizza came. The host thanked us and we left. I made a note that at £3.95 a slice and with such good, pleasant service I should visit again.


I can’t decide whether this looks good or terrible. It was big. And it tasted wonderful. Not quite like I could cry, but it was the most satisfying pizza that I have had on my quest so far.

The crust is thicker than the Italian style, and there is a pleasing chew to it. I love to masticate. Plus the toppings are generous, something that many other pizza places could learn from (whatever, I realise that the base and sauce is something that pizza places pride themselves on, but when toppings are miserly, it puts a dampener on the experience).

A good slice to eat while struttin’. My hands were covered in sauce.

A few weeks later I gave a quick round-up of the best pizza places that I’ve tried so far and I said that NY Fold was the best for American-style (something that I still stand by). A member of my audience (of people at work) said “no, Voodoo Ray’s is best for that sort of stuff.” I have never tried Voodoo Ray’s, and she has never tried NY Fold, but in the spirit of making ill-researched comments I will stand by my sentiment that NY Fold is the best for NY-style pizza. (And at least it isn’t in Shoreditch). Plus, she’s a vegetarian, so does her opinion really amount to much?

8/10 – something something New York something, ayyyy!

NY Fold, 103 Charing Cross Road, Soho, London WC2H 0DT



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