Manger en Français/A Vague Journey Through Burgers: The Frenchie

The second day with Kate following our Brasserie Zédel excursion the night before. To Southbank market!

Earlier, outside Tate Britain, I bumped into someone that I went to school with and hadn’t seen in several years. We had a mini catch up which was sweepingly generic, as these kinds of catch ups tend to be. I haven’t bumped into anyone from school before or since.

Before going to Le Bun the day before, I had decided that I would finally try the confit duck burger at The Frenchie, having been tempted by it before at both Southbank and Brick Lane. That is three french meals in two days. Arteries be damned. Waistline be damned. Diet starts tomorrow.

The menu is quite simple: confit duck burgers. They come with a red onion marmalade, some form of light salad, duck crackling, and a choice of either stilton, goats or cheddar cheese.

I was torn between stilton and goat so asked the server for advice. Stilton, no question. I, and the majority of the queue, went for stilton. We were all correct.


Kate said that it was the best burger she ever had. Alas, Le Bun won out because of its le crunch, but this was still better than 99% of the burgers that I have ever eaten. Depending on your cheese stance, this may have won out against Le Bun, but pour oui le texture est tres importante (languages were never the strong suit). There was some crunch with the crackling, but not the same as the crisp bite of the frites of Le Bun – carbs, too, may be more appealing than fat. The conclusion is that duck beats beef and ham. Walk, swim, fly, get into my bel-ly.

We walked for miles to try and undo our hours of greed, but I still gained that weekend.

The Frenchie, Southbank food market and elsewhere 8/10 – beaten by a day


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