A Vague Journey Through Burgers: Byron Burger

A lacklustre review for a lacklustre burger.

On my first day at a job that I took immediately after graduating and promptly quit, I was taken to Byron Burger for lunch. Hey, I got some perks in my five weeks there. I also got taken to the races. In retrospect, it was a good company to work for if you’re in to market research.

This was back when Byron was less of a behemoth, but still was a chain.

The skin on chips were recommended, so I had them. They were fine.

The chili burger was also fine.

We spoke about work and children.  I was the only girl in the quant department .


Not my picture.

The company was okay. First days are always mildly odd, especially in a restaurant when people were talking about people and projects that you didn’t know.

Don’t believe the Byron hype, and seriously question anyone that hypes Byron up. But good for them for being so successful!

Their special of the day is always burgers. But why can’t they make their burgers special?


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