T[w]ea For Four: Whitmore Tea Rooms

My first Lenten failure, and it all went downhill from there. It would be rude to continue giving up sugar when Kate had already booked afternoon tea. I consulted a priest and he agreed (but would surely have been disapproving of how ferociously I broke the Lenten fast as the forty days raged on).

Afternoon tea is afternoon is afternoon tea is afternoon tea. It is lovely and quaint and pleasant and English, but for sandwiches, scones, cake and cup of tea, always slightly overpriced.

The scones were very good and quite large. I used the majority of the clotted cream and jam. I should try making more scones. Even I can handle three ingredients.


Classy AF

Daisy sent her sandwich back because she didn’t realise that salmon came with cream cheese. The cream cheese sandwiches sat there useless. Food waste is a travesty, and the salmon was nice, if not exceptional. Daisy should pay more attention to menus and be less picky. The ham and mustard was good, but these aren’t sandwiches to write home about (my ex-boyfriend stands by that Tea and Times in Whitstable has the best sandwiches in the world).

I had the cherry and chocolate cake. There were a lot of cakes on offer. I wanted chocolate, but none of the chocolate cakes on offer shouted at me. I asked the recommendations of the waitress (as I did with the tea. I apologised for being a troublesome southerner) and she unconvincingly made a few recommendations. We went up to the cake desk and eventually I settled on the cherry chocolate. I couldn’t finish it, the first thing I haven’t been able to finish in nearly a year. I put it down to my two week sugar fast. Daisy’s lemon cake was the best of the cakes. I can’t remember Rebecca’s cake. Kate didn’t share her Bailey’s cake, saving it for her fiance instead.

We all spoke at length about relationships. Rebecca and I are the only singles of the extended friendship group and apparently this was the first time she had spoken openly about her desire to be in a relationship. We spoke about life and anxieties. People in their twenties are a very anxious folk. Life is terrifying. But this afternoon tea was not, in fact it was my most enjoyable meal of the year.

When in a funk, head northwards for reinvigoration.



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