Manger en Français: Le Garrick

For French bistro eating in opulent surroundings there is Brasserie Zedel, for something more homely there is Le Garrick.

This dinner was my first with Sommelier. I had just been to yoga so indulging was allowed. We walked around Covent Garden for ten minutes before finding it. Covent Garden’s geography eludes me, and clearly Sommelier suffers from the same ailment. It is on Garrick Street. The clue is in the name.

Down some stairs into an attractive cavern. Each table feels private. It feels like home, if your home was a turn of the century French bisto.

My first foray into snails. The garlic butter makes it entirely pleasant. I can see why the texture isn’t for everyone. I used to work in oysters so this is part of my spirit. Sommelier had the French onion soup which was deep and came with crusty bread to add to our existing pile of crusty bread.

A bottle of wine and a cocktail of beer and champagne. Both were very good. I’m a red wine girl now.

I ordered the onglet rare-medium.

“Are you sure?”
“Is it not good rare-medium?”
“No, it is very good, but I just need to check.”
“The bloodier the better.”
“Ah ha, excellent.”

And it was. It looked like it may be medium-well from the outside, but that baby bled all over my plate. Peppercorn sauce was recommended over the bearnaise sauce. The wait staff really were very good.

Sommelier was also going to order the onglet but went for the Cassoulet so we could share. I have cans and cans of cassoulet at home so never order it out. Nothing like a can of cassoulet to fill you with horror about what goes into a cassoulet. Mother recommended refrigerating then scraping the fat off first. THAT IS NOT THE SPIRIT OF CASSOULET MOTHER.

Sommelier and I had a fake fight about his forgetting Qatar National Sports Day.

The table next to us asked us to take a picture of them. We did. We advised that we would invoice them later. Laughs all around.

Tarte au citron was not a patch on Brasserie Zedel’s, but still better than the average dessert. Sommelier scored the creme brulee “Mediocre Plus”.

“Oh, sorry it’s not better.”
“No, no, it’s fine. Creme brulee in Britain is usually mediocre at best, so this is pretty good.”

Mediocre Plus: my new favourite grade.

We were the last to leave. The staff gave us shots of some sort of peach schnapps on leaving. Celebrate good times, come on!


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