Pub Grub: Anchor & Hope

Oh the dismays of overcooked pigeon!

Paul was keen to visit here, and as was I having seen that it had a Bib Gourmand.

Paul went with work and raved about it, particularly the dessert tart.

I had my fastest cycle back from work and arrived looking wind ravaged, not ravishing.

We put our names down after seeing someone else saunter in and put their names down. Another pair had been waiting for half an hour before realising that they had to put their names down. “We should all endeavour to be bolder in future.” A drunk woman giddily told the host that she had been waiting for hours and was really excited about her meal.

Seating was quick. The internet lies about the busy-ness of the restaurant, or Mondays aren’t the busiest day. The Japanese lager was £5.50.

I decided between the pigeon and the fish. Kitchen Confidential said to not order fish on a Monday and I decided to believe that book, even though Bourdain has since rescinded this remark (a fact that I found out later). Paul and I both ordered the pigeon, which was tough. The sides were unremarkable.

The tart would make up for it, he told me. The tart was fine. He agreed that it had all been better the week before, but then again the whole menu had been different. I’m in two minds about whether I should be impressed or appalled about the vast daily menu changes.

The view onto The Cut is nice at least. Thus continued my week of dud meals out.


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