Fancy Eating with Madre: Club Gascon

My second Michelin meal, and my final for a while.

A Bookatable meal with mother and Pierre. My frustration with Pierre grew large at points when he kept comparing it to the damn Abode and said that the portions weren’t big enough. The taste shut him up.

There’s something about Michelin restaurants that make me feel like I don’t belong there. While the staff were very attentive (mother’s award for best ever service; mine still goes to Knife and Tine) you couldn’t help but think that they were probably scoffing at the customers in the cloakroom, especially with my checked items of a backpack and a raincoat.

Clientele were likely city workers, and definitely people that cared about status. Plus someone that my mother works with. What are the chances! Pierre butted in to tell that he had an even chancer meeting in a service station on the M25. No craic. The colleague was though, excited to be celebrating her anniversary and bumping into someone so unexpectedly.

Set menu. Parmesan crisp with black pepper – if only mini cheddars were Michelin. We all went for the foie gras, because how can you resist. Rich, riche. I ordered fish, they ordered meat. The fish was superior. Chocolate dessert for me, cheese with ginger for them. I swapped with mother as she was quite taken by my dessert. The cheese could have done with more ginger.

As with most Michelin meals, the flavours surpassed those of a regular restaurant, but I am still not a convert to fine dining. I was in a bad mood that day which may have affected my judgement. Everyone seemed to be in an off mood. Dinner is to be enjoyed along with the company. I don’t regret the visit.

If you are in the area, also pop into St Bartholomew the Great next door, one of the finest and oldest (apparently the oldest, though All Hallows by the Tower may claim differently) churches in the city.


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