Manger en Français: Bleeding Heart Bistro

How quickly the mighty can fall.

I have eaten three times here with my dad over the past three months. It is conveniently located close to my work, is still relatively “need to know” in that it is in its own courtyard, and it has a good name. Keeps bleeding, keeps keeps bleeding heart.

The first time we went the sea bass was among the best that I had (frying in an abundance of oil is a wonderful thing) and the plum tart du jour was tasty, although configured slightly different than I had anticipate. The second time, the sea bass came in a pernod rather than a tomato sauce and no longer lay on a bed of lentils. I had wanted to order the lapin linguine but this is off the menu for spring. The apple tart was configured slightly different to how I had anticipated, but the waiter warned me about this.

Each of the three times we were the first to enter the restaurant. At 5.45, most restaurants around Chancery/Farringdon/Clerkenwell are just reopening after their mid-afternoon siesta/service change. The interior is very turn of the century rustic French bistro. It is a French bistro. The staff are French. We always get seated in the same place which makes for a good location to chat and to look out onto the yard to people watch if conversation is drying up.

Free bread comes. The butter is always hard when it arrives but I am always too hungry to wait for it to thaw.

The third visit will have been our last, which is a shame as we never got the opportunity to dine al fresco. The soup was lukewarm so I sent it back. For a French vegetable soup, it was quite tasteless. The pork was tough and dry. I would have sent it back too had I not already sent my starter back, so instead I ordered sauce and passively complained to the waiter. The tart was the tart, configured as I was used to at Bleeding Heart.

It always appears busy at business and lunch, but this kind of slide within a three month period is quite alarming. My dad now thinks his daughter is a snob.


2 thoughts on “Manger en Français: Bleeding Heart Bistro

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