Deep Ellum

Bar’s are blah, but a girl’s got to eat. We walked back from Wrigley to Allston along the river, thus completing our full walking tour of Boston. It was cold, we were tired, and we were very hungry.

Lulu’s had a 45 minute wait so we walked along. Norah felt bad as her aunt turned up to Lulu’s but her battery died, leaving her aunt stranded in Allston for an hour. I didn’t dig the vibe in Lulu’s. Our next choice was Deep Ellum, where there was a half hour wait. The other option was grilled cheese. I wanted a real meal, but ended up settling for a hotdog. A kimchee hotdog, but a $7 hotdog all the same. Norah got a measly portion of mac and cheese ($14) and our hosts shared poutine and devilled eggs.

Norah and I were gone by this point. We ate largely in silence, the jet lag, lack of sleep, cold, and 14 mile walk days all hitting us at once. The music was loud and everything grated, which can be attributed to the previous sentence.

We were in a hipster bar. Our hosts were in high spirits and I shall be forever grateful that they continued to be so. It seemed that we were all reluctant to continue spending money, but we did so anyway. Kimchee makes things better.

Drinks were expensive, though standard hipster prices. Rob added the beers that he was drinking to his app. His work colleague joined us. We finished up and they went to a party.

Norah and I had previously planned on staying up all night but our bodies gave in and we got three hours sleep before our flight. A needed three hours, but a lacking three hours. We slept like the dead on the plane and then for six more hours when we made it back.

A forgettable meal in a place that is probably not meant as a great restaurant destination.


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