Donut Try This At Home: Stan’s Donuts

Americans may have a reputation for being fat, but considering the sheer number of Dunkin Donuts there are around, it is actually a real wonder that more of them aren’t clinically obese or dead. On the whole, I found Chicagoites and Bostonians to be quite svelte, or at least no fatter or thinner than the British.

Given the volume of Dunkin Donuts around, I said to Norah that I should try one. She said to try the coffee (I did, I prefer 7 Eleven) and to go to Stan’s instead.


Living the American dream

So I did. I saw one next to Roosevelt during a trip to Trader Joe’s (another Norah recommendation, and something which her friend in Boston was passionate about) and there were half price donuts. I was running late so had to return the next day for full price donuts, like a damn old sucker.

I asked the cashier what she recommended. The biscoff is the biggest seller, followed by the lemon and pistachio. I got both, then hemmed and hawwed about getting a peanut butter donut, but reasoned that $6 on gourmet donuts should be my limit.


I sent this to Kate (I only sent pictures of food) who replied that it looked “like food porn”. I think they look a bit savoury

I sat in the window so that the whole world (or passers by near Roosevelt) could be privy to my gluttony.

I thought that the biscoff could have a stronger taste. Hans has quite an addiction to Trader Joe’s cookie butter, and this donut didn’t have the moreishness that I had expected. I still ate the whole thing. Having not tried the whole menu, I would still say that Stan’s customers are wrong to make this their #1 seller.

The lemon pistachio far exceeded my expectations and leap-frogged biscoff as my favourite. A third of the way through I got heart palpitations and for once I listened to my body and stopped eating.

There’s only so much sugar you can have in a week.

Fancy donuts, slammin’ Dunkin’ (still haven’t tried Dunkin. Not in a place to comment). 2016 shall be the year of donuts as the dessert delicacy du an.


Trendier original Wicker Park



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