Chicago Hot Dogs

The final food item on my American food list, eaten on my final day in the USA.


A Chicago hot dog is not your regular hot dog. It is beef, not pork, comes in a poppyseed bun with mustard but no ketchup (my goodness, don’t ask for the ketchup). As you can see it is overloaded with ingredients. It probably has rich parents but was delicious all the same.

My taste could be more refined. Norah says that it has too many ingredients. I wish I knew what I liked and could say no to outrageous food. But a hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog, and more is more. $2 can’t get you any better.

Norah couldn’t think of anywhere to recommend me a Chicago hot dog. Thankfully there was a place within a two minute walk of her apartment. Norah the explorah.


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