Search for the Perfect Pizza: The Boiler Room

A thin crust in Chicago? Whatever next.

Another day (actually, the same day as Giordano’s #2) another pizza place, another Tinder date.

The date was a mess. Poor planning is a turnoff. I didn’t have wifi all day. I arrived, he wasn’t there. I finally found wifi. He said as I haven’t replied he figured I wasn’t coming. I replied. He jumped in an uber. I walked round the block. He waited inside. I waited outside. 45 minutes later, we found each other.

“I thought you were messing me around.”


He already had a beer. He had previously said that I could wait inside and start a tab, but I was reluctant in case he didn’t turn up. He was a vegetarian. Kate was right to say that dating a vegetarian should be a definite no. I had a dream last night that I was a vegetarian. The subconscious should be ignored.

The Boiler Room is in Logan Square, which, along with Wicker Park, makes up the east London/Williamsburg of Chicago. I did not belong, but with my America-goggles on, I still found myself charmed. The staff were very cool.

We were given water. I ordered the PB&J (slice of pizza, beer, Jameson) for $8. We could have ordered a full pizza but sharing with a vegetarian, yeesh.

If my flatmate lived in Chicago, the PB&J would be his entire sustenance.

I asked the barman whether I should get the Boiler Room or the daily special. He said the Boiler Room would always be there but the daily special was just for the day. I replied that I too would also just be here for the day. He either misheard or didn’t understand but he got me the daily special.

It may not be “good beer” but I am still a fan of PBR. Hipster beer ahoy. And I’m surprised that it hasn’t yet travelled across the Atlantic, as we Brits love inferior American beer, in spite of the “craft beer revolution” that we tell ourselves that we are having.

The slice was fine. It was welcome to have thin crust after my Giordano’s binge (with another slice in my bag). And the restaurant smelled amazing. The single best feature of the restaurant were the toilets, something that my date insisted that I visit, and I’m glad I did. Mildly buzzed, I found it incredibly amusing (borderline hysterical) that the toilets were fashioned like an El carriage, complete with announcements.

I had to leave swiftly to catch a comedy gig. He invited himself along, saving time with an Uber. Chicagoites love ubers. Uber driver did not love us. Norah would never let me live this episode down, turning up late with a date and slightly drunk.

“I was upset that you would rather spend time with a stranger than with me. I thought you didn’t even like Tinder.”

“I love Tinder. I just don’t like people sometimes. But it’s a way to meet people – it’s a gamble – and heck, I have fun. And pizza!”


“I’ll stop soon though because I do realise that this is ridiculous.”

Big city life, thin pizza slice.


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