Chicago Day 1

Ah, travel. Such a good traveller I am becoming. Long haul flights excite me as you get continually fed and usually have a slew of movies to sift through. This time I only had Chef and the Peanuts Movie, but I got some reading done and managed to wangle my way up to Economy Plus. I landed an hour early and managed to get through security in under half an hour, which for America is very impressive (to me at least) as the last time I was there it took a good two or three hours. Maybe Chicago is more lax than New York, or maybe security has slackened slightly since 2010. Either way, it was a grand way to start a trip.

MP low res

Anish Kapoor’s ‘Cloud Gate’ (better known as ‘The Bean’) in Millennium Park. Spot the tourist.

I then got confused buying a train ticket and came close to losing my phone on the El. I didn’t though, and that’s all that matters. A wander around Millennium Park with my suitcase, and then a wander around Chinatown with my suitcase was a way to while away the afternoon and build my appetite before being reuinted with good old Norah.

Cha LR

A lacklustre Chinatown. Very few have the same buzz as London’s.

Chinatown 1

Signs on fleek

Whenever you are reuinted with someone, remember that you must shout each other’s name as soon as you see them then run at full speed with your 15kg luggage (whoever manages to use up the whole 23kg allowance gets a slow clap of appreciation from me) then have an excessively long hug/spin/shout. If their roommate (straight into Americanisms) is there to witness this, all the better. We wandered back to their champagne basement, briefly caught up then decided on dinner, where my journey continues.


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