No Harmo in Some Parmo

I went to visit my Aunt in Yarm. She and I aren’t very close, and this weekend visit totalled more time that we had spent together than in the rest of my life. It was nice.

The weekend itinerary was as follows:

Whitby: lot of goths; best fish and chips in the country.

Durham: sound cathedral and cake, though I was outraged at having to pay extra for cream on a scone. Whipped cream, not clotted. Outraged.

Darlington: hide in an alley.

Yarm: lover’s walk, for family.

On the second evening she took me to her local pub for the Teesside specialty of Chicken Parmesan. We had nachos to start. Our family has a famously large appetite for such small Chinese people.

“There aren’t any all you can eat restaurants in Hong Kong. They would be out of business very quickly.”

She went for the standard Parmo. I went for the hotshot, which came with jalapenos, chorizo and a spicy sauce on top of the already artery-clogging breaded chicken and cheese. She had only had a Parmo once before, from her local takeaway. This was better. Having tried both Parmo and Hotshot I would recommend the Hotshot, though I like sauce and spice so of course I would.


Real food. Hearty food. I finished everything except five chips. I thought I was going to collapse. Good work, Teesside. I don’t know how you aren’t all dead.

The pub, village, and overall trip were all lovely (“lovely”. What an inoffensive adjective), with the north east of England having perhaps the most attractive train journeys outside of the Highlands. This is Real England, and it is awful and awe-ful in equal measure.


The Pot and Glass, Church Rd, Egglescliffe Vilage, Stockton-on-Tees TS16 9DQ


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